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Impact and Opportunity of Vehicle-to-Grid in Indonesian Grid

The growing share of renewable energy requires high capability and capacity of the grid to buffer its fluctuation, in addition to the dynamic and real time changes in the demand side. Several options of energy storages are currently available, including battery, super/ultra capacitor, pumped hydro, compressed air, fly wheel, and other chemical energy storages (hydrogen, […]

Blackout Jawa Jangan Terjadi Lagi, Sebuah Telaah Untuk Perbaikan Bersama

Kejadian Black Out Jawa (atau yang sering ditulis Setengah Pulau Jawa) di hari Minggu kemarin pada tanggal 4 Agustus 2019 merupakan kejadian extraordinary yang tidak dikehendaki oleh semua pihak. Pasalnya kerugian akibat adanya Black Out Jawa ini tidak sedikit mulai dari terganggunya lalu lintas kendaraan berbasis listrik, kegagalan transaksi perbankan, terganggunya aktivitas banyak orang di […]

Lithium Ion Becomes a Prominent Choice for Energy Storage

In recent years the rapid growth of different forms of renewable energies, such as wind power and solar PV, has made the need for rapid-response energy storage technologies rise. Global demand of electric vehicles, which are promoted intensively in several countries, added with conventional usage pushed up the need of total storage of energy as […]

Cost of Battery

Battery as energy storage has many roles in the implementation of renewable energy. Battery can reduce fluctuations in wind and photo-voltaic (PV) output, and allows sale of renewable energy at high-value times. The ability of the battery to provide large current in a short time becomes an important consideration to overcome black out. Power and frequency oscillation can […]