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Impact and Opportunity of Vehicle-to-Grid in Indonesian Grid

The growing share of renewable energy requires high capability and capacity of the grid to buffer its fluctuation, in addition to the dynamic and real time changes in the demand side. Several options of energy storages are currently available, including battery, super/ultra capacitor, pumped hydro, compressed air, fly wheel, and other chemical energy storages (hydrogen, […]

Blackout Jawa Jangan Terjadi Lagi, Sebuah Telaah Untuk Perbaikan Bersama

Kejadian Black Out Jawa (atau yang sering ditulis Setengah Pulau Jawa) di hari Minggu kemarin pada tanggal 4 Agustus 2019 merupakan kejadian extraordinary yang tidak dikehendaki oleh semua pihak. Pasalnya kerugian akibat adanya Black Out Jawa ini tidak sedikit mulai dari terganggunya lalu lintas kendaraan berbasis listrik, kegagalan transaksi perbankan, terganggunya aktivitas banyak orang di […]

Myanmar Energy and Renewables Report

Myanmar is part of mainland South East Asia. The country is bordered by China to the North and Northeast, Laos to the east, Thailand to the southeast, the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal to the south and southwest, Bangladesh to the west, and India to the northwest. Total area of Myanmar is around 676,500 […]

Lithium Ion Becomes a Prominent Choice for Energy Storage

In recent years the rapid growth of different forms of renewable energies, such as wind power and solar PV, has made the need for rapid-response energy storage technologies rise. Global demand of electric vehicles, which are promoted intensively in several countries, added with conventional usage pushed up the need of total storage of energy as […]

Executive Summary – Indonesia Energy and Renewables Report

Being a tropical country with around 17,000 islands, Indonesia has challenges and advantages of its own in managing the supply and distribution of energy to the citizens of this vast country. With total population of around 261.1 million, mostly lives in the dense Java, Bali, and less dense Sumatera, then in the rest of the […]

Battery Energy Storage

Battery is the one of the main component in energy storage system. It has been proven in the last 20 years, the efficiency of storing energy into the battery was not disappointing compared to the other energy storage systems such as hydro pump and compressed air storage. Batteries also stabilize the use of electricity from […]

Cost of Battery

Battery as energy storage has many roles in the implementation of renewable energy. Battery can reduce fluctuations in wind and photo-voltaic (PV) output, and allows sale of renewable energy at high-value times. The ability of the battery to provide large current in a short time becomes an important consideration to overcome black out. Power and frequency oscillation can […]

Executive Summary – Malaysia Energy and Renewables Report

Malaysia Land, Topography, and ClimateMalaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia between 0o 51’ N – 7o 33’ N and 98o 01’ E – 119o 30’ E. Total land area of Malaysia is around 332.280 square kilometers. The territory of Malaysia is divided into two parts namely Peninsular region or West Malaysia. The topography […]

Executive Summary – Thailand Energy and Renewables Report

Thailand Area, Peoples, and Impressive EconomicThailand is one country in Southeast Asia. The land area of Thailand is 513 Km2 which is divided into 6 regions with a total of 76 provinces. Each region in Thailand has different topography. The northern region of Thailand is a hill and mountainous area with several rivers. Northeast Region […]

Today’s Application and Future Projection of Battery

There are now quite several battery startups and battery departments within big corporations that seem to have promising products arriving on the market or soon to arrive on the market. There are also some that have been on the market for years but are now getting a lot more competitive. At least 46 company around […]
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