Battery Energy Storage

Battery is the one of the main component in energy storage system. It has been proven in the last 20 years, the efficiency of storing energy into the battery was not disappointing compared to the other energy storage systems such as hydro pump and compressed air storage. Batteries also stabilize the use of electricity from renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines. On the other hand, batteries play role as a backup resource while the electricity from the grid goes down. Various types of batteries are continued to be studied to get the best type of battery as long-term storage. Lithium-ion, Nickel Iron, Zinc Bromide, Sodium Sulfur, and Advanced Lead Acid are tested with several parameters, including cycle usage, production price, durability, and efficiency. There is a type of battery that is superior in terms of efficiency but the price of production is very expensive, and vice versa.

This report provide information about the best type of batteries after studied in various parameters that will optimize the energy storage. The current use of battery energy storage does not only cover large scale but also in small scale. Various high-powered equipment is now starting to combine the batteries so that they can be used portable. Today, people also want to use their electronic equipment in difficult electricity areas for street lighting, audio video equipment, or telecommunications towers. Almost all gadgets, for instance like smartphones, tablets, laptops and household appliances, have combined the batteries in them as the main power. Based on accurate data, the batteries trend will be used massively on various types of robots and electric vehicles in the future. In many countries, electricity usage from networks originating from coal and oil is limited to 2030, or even earlier.

This is because natural resources to produce electricity are increasingly limited and expensive. Beside that, batteries still have a higher price to supply power in the same capacity, even though the price is going drops. At one point, there will be a meeting point of the price of batteries is very affordable whereas the electricity prices from the network is rising. At that time, many people will flock to consume the cheaper electricity from batteries which certainly made the entrepreneurs tempted to run various types of battery businesses.